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If you have emailed us about Mistymaine Maine Coons, please be aware
that our previous email provider has closed down. Please email us at mistymainemc@gmail.com and we'll get back to you. Apologies for any
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Jasper photograph copyright Anna Marriage

So who are we....

We are Amanda and Russ and we've been breeding Maine Coons on a small scale since 2006. We currently have three queens, Molly (Molly by Starlight), Poppy (Tropical Sunrise) and Ruby (Sunset Ruby). We're based in Kettering, Northamptonshire and all our cats, who you can see on the other pages of this website, live with us in the house - no pens or separate accommodation - they are all our pets. It's a madhouse some times but we like it that way!

Our interest in Maine Coons started many years ago when we bought a book about cats and read about this particular breed. We said then that if we found ourselves in a position to be able to give a cat the care and attention it deserved, that's what we would have. In 2003 that dream came true. Through a number of coincidences we were put in touch with Jean and Ron Brown at Lunaris and they were good enough to sell us our first Maine, a handsome silver red shaded male neuter, Lunaris Doodle Dandy, brother to FIFe European Champion Lunaris Peg of my Heart. Dude as he became affectionately known was soon followed by Lunaris Sonny's Boy (Sonny), now a FIFe Supreme Premier, and Lunaris Tessa Rose who became our first queen.

Tess had her first litter in April 2006 and from that litter we kept Lunaris Misty Mountain (a FIFe Champion), known as Sweetpea, as a breeding queen. At the end of January 2007 Tess had another litter from which we kept Mistymaine Sweet Dreams (Dino), who became our first Mistymaine FIFe Supreme Premier. Tess has now been neutered and is also a FIFe Supreme Premier. Misty Mountain produced her one and only litter just before Christmas 2008. She only had one kitten, Jack, but he was well worth the wait. Sadly Sweetpea left us in September 2014.

We then had Lunaris Chiquitita or Chi as she's known. A gorgeous black mackerel tabby with white with the most amazing eyes she was intended as a queen but she never did like the boys so rather than risk her health she has also been neutered and is now a FIFe Premier.

Amber had her first litter in June 2012. We kept Mistymaine Amarillo Starlight (Amy) and Mistymaine Heart of Eternity (Jess) as breeding queens. She had a further litter in January 2013. Mistymaine Star Sapphire aka Boris from that litter was sold but he came back to us when he was 10 months old and is now one of the characters of the Mistymaine household. He's now started at the shows and is already a FIFe Premier.

Towards the latter part of 2013, Amy, Jess and Amber all had litters within weeks of each other. We kept Mistymaine Moonshadow and Mistymaine Molly by Starlight from Amy's litter. Little did we know how 2013 would end and 2014 would start. We lost Amy, Jess and Dino within weeks of each other. A difficult time in the Mistymaine house. Amber has since had another litter and Molly is starting on her career as a mum.

In 2015 Amber developed a lump on her tummy, which turned out to be benign, but meant she had to be speyed as the operation left her unable to cope with the rigours of pregnancy in the future.

So now we have Molly, Poppy and Ruby as our current queens.

You can find out more about all of our cats past and present elsewhere on this website.

Mistymaine Maine Coons - every home should have at least one!

We are full members of the Garden of England Cat Club. 

Please contact us for availability of kittens. If we have kittens they can be seen on the current kittens page. Please text 07799575255, e-mail mistymainemc@gmail.com or use our guestbook on this website with any enquiries you may have and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for looking at our website. Please let us have your comments about this website through our guestbook link. Any suggestions on how we can improve the content of the site would be appreciated. If you're looking for kittens and we can't help, please use the links on this website to go to other breeders who may have kittens available.

Please note that all photos on this site are copyrighted to Mistymaine Maine Coons unless otherwise indicated. We have found our photographs being used on other websites and will pursue individuals using our images without permission through the appropriate channels.


Enjoy our website

Amanda and Russ