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We have ten Maine Coons. We currently have three queens - Mistymaine Molly by Starlight (Molly), Mistymaine Tropical Sunrise (Poppy) and Mistymaine Sunset Ruby (Ruby).

We also have five neuters - FIFe Supreme Premier Lunaris Sonnys Boy (Sonny), a classic brown tabby male, FIFe Supreme Premier Lunaris Tessa Rose (Tess) a silver tortie tabby female, our first queen who is now neutered, Lunaris A New Flame (Amber) our recently retired queen, Amber's son FIFe Premier Mistymaine Star Sapphire (Boris) a black male and FIFe Premier Lunaris Chiquitita (Chi) a black mackerel tabby with white female.

We have two boys, Amber's grandson Mistymaine Moonshadow (Marv)and Molly's first born, Mistymaine Little Bear (Bear).

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