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Before we get to the cute bit we think it only fair to be up front about our kittens.

To avoid disappointment, please remember that we are not a pet shop and any kittens for sale are our kittens and we reserve the right not to sell.

We do not have many Mistymaine kittens and the ones that we have we believe are very special. Therefore we want to know that they are going to the right homes.

Kittens do not leave us until they are at least 13 weeks old, at which time they will have been subject to at least two veterinary examinations and will be fully innoculated and microchipped. 

All kittens are sold as pets and not for breeding purposes. This will be subject to written contract.

Our kittens are normally of show quality and if you wished to show we would be happy to provide assistance and guidance with this as we would love to see Mistymaine cats on the show bench.

We will not have kittens neutered at point of sale but we will not release pedigree papers until we have written confirmation from your vet that this has been done.

We would prefer our kittens to go to homes where they can live indoors or with a cat safe external area.

Maine Coons do make good house cats because of their laid back temperament. If you are interested in a kitten, we want you to come and see them as regularly as you can and to interact with them as much as possible before they leave us.

Above all we want to make sure that you are happy with the kitten and the kitten is happy with you. 

If you are interested in any of our kittens please e-mail us directly at mistymaine@tesco.net.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will be owned by a Mistymaine kitten soon.