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Here you'll find updates on how the Mistymaine mob get on at the shows and we give our personal views, as a couple who are still trying to figure out the intricacies of showing, on how things went.

If you want to know any more about showing a cat or about any of the shows then stick a note in our guestbook or send us an e-mail. Even now we're still learning but we're happy to share our experiences, good and bad, if they might help. You'll also find help and more information at the Felis Britannica website.

For one reason or another, 2015 was extremely light as far as shows were concerned - we only managed to get to one.

We took Star Sapphire (Boris) and Tropical Sunrise (Poppy) to the Garden of England show in Biggleswade on 11 July.

It was Poppy's first show and she was given an Ex 1 in her Class but progressed no further.

Boris was his usual cool self, spending most of the show sitting in a chair (we now have to take an extra one just for him!) being fussed by passers by. He received his CAPIB certificate so is on his way to being an International Premier and was nominated for the Category II Male Neuter Best In Show. Unfortunately he only received the votes of 1 of the three judges so was runner up on the day.