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This section is dedicated to those cats who have been our friends and are no longer with us.

This is not a place of sadness but a place to enjoy the memory of all the pleasure they brought to us while they were with us.

Lunaris Misty Mountain aka Sweetpea

Sweetpea whose formal name was the basis for our breeder suffix; from our first litter under the mentorship of Ron and Jean Brown.

Sweetpea was a character, she only ever had one kitten and as a result of an  escape at a show suffered fits for much of her adult life for which she was on medication. But that didn't stop her from being one of the biggest characters in the house. She always wanted fuss and she always wanted to give fuss.

In the early summer of 2014 she developed what looked like a small bruise around one of her nipples. Within three months it had spread to cover her whole underside. It had been diagnosed as a cancer of the blood for which there was no treatment. She also developed a tumour in one of her mammary glands. She carried on being Sweetpea through this, doing all the things she always did; but as soon as that behaviour changed in September, she was put to sleep to join those others from the Mistymaine household who had gone before and who she had spent her life with. Another huge hole in the Mistymaine house which may be filled in time but Sweetpea will never be forgotten.

Mistymaine Sweet Dreams aka Dino

Named in memory of his father who died shortly after he was born, Sweet Dreams known as Dino virtually from day one, became Mistymaine's first FIFe Supreme Premier. He was a multiple best in show winner from his first show outing but above all else he was the biggest, soppiest maine coon you would ever want to meet. He was friends with everyone feline or human and loved nothing more than sitting on you having a good knead. If you were feeling low, you could always guarantee that Dino would come and keep you company - a session of Dino purrs always made the day better.

Sadly he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease towards the end of 2013 and, having seen his 7th birthday at the end of January 2014 with his favourite meal of Applaws Tuna with Seaweed, he went to sleep a few days later. Missed not only in the Mistymaine house but by everyone who's life he touched either here or at shows.


Mistymaine Amarillo Starlight

Amy, born in June 2012 and taken away from us too soon. A beautiful Silver Tortie Tabby she had shown great promise on the show bench and was a real character. She had her first litter in October 2013 but then three weeks after her litter was born she was diagnosed with an intussuseption. She was immediately operated on but then had a heart attack as she was coming out of theatre. She recovered from that but then a week later was diagnosed with another intussuseption. She was so weak from all that had gone before that another operation was out of the question and sadly our beautiful girl had to go to sleep. She is missed but lives on at Mistymaine through her offspring, Marv and Molly.

Mistymaine Heart of Eternity aka Jess

Jess, sister to Amy, a silver tortie tabby and a different character to Amy. Crazy, talkative and full of fun. Had her first litter in September 2013. Fantastic mum, loved her kittens to bits. Late in 2013 she became unwell. A peritoneal infection was suspected but lab results were inconclusive. Left us on December 30, the kittens she had loved so much went to their new owner on December 31. So sad.

Lunaris Doodle Dandy aka Dude

Dude was brother to FIFe European Champion Lunaris Peg of my Heart. He was our first Maine Coon. He was a big, handsome, silver red shaded softie. He had a big place in both of our hearts and it was a great shock when he passed away suddenly in July 2006. He loved everyone and everyone loved our gentle giant. He was Sonny's sidekick and Tess immediately accepted him as the only other cat in the house that could get near to her kittens. He used to strut up the garden on his lead with his tail held high in the air to a spot in the sun where he could watch our chipmunks and he was forever chirruping away to anyone that would listen. He was playful, a big softie and he is forever with us. Whenever any of the others get up to any mischief, we're sure it's Dude that's encouraging them!!

Rosie aka Mistymaine Tessta Rossa

Rosie was born into the Mistymaine family on 30 January 2006 and left us after much too short a life on 12 January 2007. Her name came from Testa Rossa - Italian for redhead, a Ferrari (a Russ thing) and close to her Mum's name Tessa Rose. Rosie was a gorgeous little tortie tabby who came out feisty and was a fighter for all of her short life. Although she was one of the smallest in her litter, it didn't stop her being first one to Mum for feeding time. Rosie was born with a serious heart defect which didn't become apparent until it was discovered at her 12 week visit to the vets. We decided then that she would stay with us. In July 2006 she went down hill rapidly and we had to take her to see a cat cardiologist. His diagnosis was more serious than we had thought and she was only given days or at most weeks to live. However with constant monitoring and medication she pulled through this low and went on to have a further 6 months of quality time with us. This was all due to the care and support of our vet Nick Park at Oundle Veterinary Surgery.