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Occasionally there's a picture of our boys and girls which we think is a little special or entertaing and on this page we would like to share them with you......

That was NOT funny you crazy humans!!

Look no paws!

Love is ...... making hearts with your sister

When you're little in a big world, pick the right friends!!

Posh Bowl - where's the food.......?

If size REALLY does matter.....

and the girls are not to be outdone ......

You make me feel like dancing....

Sonny really wanted to be alone......


The Dude twins

I'm pregnant so I don't have to be ladylike!

Sonny with his new mate Rosie

No my bum's not too big in this!

Hey Mum, You can see our house from here.....!

There was DEFINITELY something going SNAP, CRACKLE and POP in here!

What's my chances of Playcat centrefold?

I can't hold this up for much longer - you gotta help me!